Image of child before bedtime 

 Whether you travelled this winter break, had family come stay or just let the rules slip a little, the Holiday Sleep Hangover is real!

Breaking the structure of the routine feels SO GOOD, until it’s over.

Once you’re back to reality, you may find getting your little ones back into the swing of things tough.

Here are my THREE simple techniques to getting your nights back:


Get right back into your pre-holiday routine.  Start a little earlier than usual to allow for an adjustment period.  Going slow with the routine for a week will really help ease it back into your child’s day.  Lastly, be positive about it.  Getting back to normal can be a drag, but if you’re using positive words, it will set the right tone!


They won’t admit it, but your child is TIRED after being off their normal schedule.  A slightly early bedtime will really help them reset and shake off any sleep debt they might have acquired during break.  Try implementing an earlier bedtime for a week to really see the benefits.


Your pre-holiday rules are even more important now.  Your sweet child is going to try to see how much they can still get away with at night.  You will certainly get push back, but the important thing is to reinforce those good sleep habits until they are familiar again.

REMEMBER this will take a little time.  Give it time and you’ll find that hangover is behind you, with wonderful memories to cherish.

IF YOU NEED HELP….contact me and we can get nights back on track together!