• Try to be mindful as you are extending the night out.  If an activity (like watching a favorite show together, or starting a new craft) can wait until the weekend.
    • Day care is a wonderful tool for learning and development, but learning is mentally exhaustive for children. If your tot has passed their wake threshold, keeping them up won’t measure out as quality time.  Some children act out and can’t control their behavior, some get cranky and irritable, while others can cope a little better, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t becoming over tired.
    • Save the fun activities for the “down” days in your home.
    • Try spending some time together in the morning, rather than late in the evening.  First thing in the morning, everyone is well rested, and it’s a nice way to start the day for the whole family.
    • My advice during work/school days is to get the right amount of sleep, feel your best and then each moment is  ultimately more meaningful and memorable.

I know this isn’t always easy.  As a working mom, I often struggle the same things.  Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not possible; all you can do is try your best!  We’re all in this together!