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About Solace

Certified by the Family Sleep Institute, Solace specializes in helping families establish healthy sleep habits in children ages 4 months to 5 years old.

Sleep habits are taught, like any good habits, and that’s our primary focus. We will assist your family in achieving their sleep goals by focusing on positive, independent sleep skills, in a no judgment environment.

We specialize in helping families of multiples with their unique journey in achieving restful nights. I have helped well over 60 families of multiples, and I understand the uniqueness of your needs. Our experience with families just like yours will help make the changes ahead easier and successful.

No two babies are alike. That is why we never give you a one-size fits all sleep plan. Your sleep goals are customized to your family and your baby’s needs. Most of all, we work together with every step to make sure you feel supported and empowered for the weeks and years to come.

Solace Sleep Consulting
Lacey Russo, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

About Lacey

Hi! My name is Lacey Russo and I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.

As a mom to two children myself, I know what it’s like to be tired. I UNDERSTAND what it’s like to feel so tired that it’s overwhelming. I remember how hard it seemed to hold it together until I could lie down again. I quickly realized that sleep deprivation was keeping me from being my full self. I began doing research and learning more and more about the importance of sleep, not only for parents, but especially for children.

I also know how much information there is available on baby’s sleep between blogs, books and the dreaded google searches, and yet how little help it provides. (I mean, who can read a book on 3 hours of sleep a day?) Pediatricians generally offer little help with sleep advice, too. In the end, we are left with conflicting advice from friends and family, and a lot of confusion on what to do.

I was convinced there was a better way, and there is! I have helped many families like yours by listening to your needs and concerns, supporting you, and giving you the tools that you need to feel confident with a plan to achieve more sleep!

It truly takes a village to raise a family. I would be honored to be a part of yours!

I find this career so rewarding and enjoyable, which is why I only take on a small number of families each year. Each success story is a personal one for me, and I am committed to yours from the very beginning.

My Qualifications:

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute
Certified Mentor, Family Sleep Institute
Babies Mental Health and Development Training, The University of Warwick
Safe to Sleep Campaign, Reducing the Risk of SIDS, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety, FSI
Lactation Management Training, Lactation Education Resources
Sleep Specialist, Wellness Program to Fortune 100 Companies

Lacey Russo, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant