Sleep Consultation

Sleep Consultation Services $385

This is for families who need help getting on the right track, but feel confident that once they have a plan, they can execute it without continued support by me.

This package includes:

★A 60-minute FaceTime/phone initial consultation to evaluate your child’s sleep habits, review your intake form, go over all the aspects of your child’s sleep needs and family sleep goals. Together we will come up with a plan to improve sleep.
★A fully customized sleep plan tailored to your family’s needs – from sleep to age-appropriate routines within 72 hours of the consultation.
★An in-depth phone consultation to go over your personalized sleep plan, and how to start. We can then troubleshoot any concerns you may have regarding the sleep plan. The plan will be adjusted to meet your needs. You will then be ready to take the plan as written and execute it on your own.

If this package seems like the best fit for your family, contact me via the link below and specify that you are interested in the Sleep Consultation Package.

Sleep Consultation Services