I’ve been doing baby sleep advice for a while, and there are items that I think every family should have in their arsenal to improve your baby’s sleep now!


1.  The Redi Shade Blackout paper window covering

The Redi Shade Blackout paper window covering.  I suggest this to all of my clients who don’t yet have black out curtains in their baby’s room.  Also, this travels well, comes in a pack of 6 and is easy to install and remove.

 2.  Sound of Sleep Sound Machine

I love sound machines for a baby’s room.  The BEST sound machine is the Lectrofan by The Sound of Sleep.  They offer the best noise options to choose from:  White, Pink and Brown.  The sound is adjustable and it’s consistent, with no looping so you won’t hear a break or glitch. They come in a few different convenient designs as well as mini version for travel.

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 3. Halo Sleep Sacks

Wearable blankets are a must have.  The design of a sleep sack is to keep your baby warm and cozy without the use of loose bedding in your baby’s crib, like blankets.  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that to reduce the risk of SIDS nothing should be in your baby’s crib except a tight-fitting sheet and your baby, before the age of one.  My favorite wearable blanket for baby is the Halo Sleep Sack.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as a swaddle version. It holds up to many many washes.  Best of all, this brand is committed to safe sleep and making sure their product always put safety first.

 4.  Burts Bees Crib Sheets

Crib Sheets.  Burt’s Bees Organic Cotton Jersey Fitted Crib Sheet is soft, gentle and made for sleeping on.  From it’s price point, designs and durability (you’re going to wash this A LOT) it is one of my “must haves” items for sleep.

 5.  Nanit Video Monitor

Video Monitor.  One of the best devices for peace of mind without being in your baby’s room is a great video monitor.  My very favorite is the Nanit.  It gets amazing reviews for how clear the feed is, its compatibility with smart phones so you can see your baby from anywhere.  It is encrypted for safety, so you don’t have to be worried about online interference.  This monitor offers so much from monitoring the room’s temperature to your baby’s breathing.  The price is a bit more than your average monitor, but it has a lot to offer.

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