The most productive employees are those who are well rested…

According to a sleep research study published by SLEEP (click here), the US as whole loses approximately $60 billion due to lack of sleep.  I had to read that number twice, too! 

While the study surveys overall sleep deprivation, including insomnia, it’s hard to ignore the impact of tired moms and dads who are up all night and then going to work all day.  That is bound to catch up with us. There is good news….this can be prevented! 

If you invest in your employees’ sleep, you gain more than just a mood adjustment.  You gain productivity.  Simply translated that means more money to the bottom line. Not to mention the health benefits of more sleep. I work with companies DIRECTLY to help get babies and children (and their working parents) sleeping again!

If you are a working mom or dad and want me to come to speak to you about how I can help you or to your employees/company/group overall to get more sleep, contact me!