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The most productive employees are those who are well rested… According to a sleep research study published by SLEEP (click here), the US as whole loses approximately $60 billion due to lack of sleep.  I had to read that number twice, too!  While the study surveys overall sleep deprivation, including insomnia, it’s hard to ignore the impact of tired moms … Read More

The Six Sleep Items NOT to Put on Your Baby Registry

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In the years that I have been a sleep consultant, I am asked all the time about recommendations for sleep items.  I do have a list of favorites that I will post later, but even more strongly I have a list of items that I think:  “I wish you didn’t waste your money on that”.  So I decided to break … Read More

The Wonderful World of Naps

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I have always noticed that naps in the United States are taken much less seriously (and even discouraged) than in other countries around the world. But why?  Naps have been shown to have many benefits.  It improve alertness, performance and even your overall mood, and for children, who are still learning, growing and developing, it’s even more important. As a … Read More

Daylight Savings

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Daylight Savings Time Starts on Sunday, March 12, 2017 and your clocks will move forward one hour. SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ANYWAY? This is the time change where we lose an hour sleep as time moves forward in the middle of the night. The next day, when we wake up at our normal 7am is now 8am on the … Read More

The Holiday Sleep Hangover

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Whether you travelled this winter break, had family come stay or just let the rules sleep a little, the Holiday Sleep Hangover is real! Once you’re back to reality, you may find getting your littler ones back into the swing of things to be met with some resistance.  Whether you are fighting them to go to bed at the appropriate time, managing … Read More

Back to school

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  Meeting the sleep needs of our children is so challenging these days considering the social demands of today. What I can tell you is that we can only do our best to meet all the needs of children based on what is possible. The most accurate way to know if a child’s bedtime works for him/her is the ease … Read More

The Early Bedtime

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I am a huge advocate of proper bed times.  Babies need so much more sleep than adults do, and should be going to bed much earlier than we do.  I saw this article from earlier this year, and thought I share it because it follows a lot of my practices with clients.  It’s more than just the act of sleeping … Read More